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On Saturday, April 15th at our HOA Board meeting, a number of residents were present and gave us a list of items for ELS. We have presented the items to ELS and we have received a response from Cheryl Paulson. As you review this, you will see the issue / question and then Cheryl's response. (we tried to do this in different colors, but Facebook could not import with colors).

Residents have also asked about having a community forunm to discuss things in Camelot. The HOA is supportive of this event, but residents must step forward and help coordinate the meeting. Please let us know if you are willing to help at this meeting.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

email: camelotmeadowshoa@gmail.com

Cheryl, This past Saturday, we had our monthly HOA meeting and a number of residents were present expressing concerns regarding a number of issues in Camelot. We all agree that ELS has corrected many issues in Camelot over the past year, and we hope things will continue for the better. Residents want to see action from their monthly land rent.

1. A resident reported that a home on Prince covered their front and side yard with gravel and rocks. The stone was laid in patches of different types and colors. The resident stated that he contacted you in the office and you were not aware of the stone. He would like to know whether ELS is going to require the stones to be removed.

1. The stone was unapproved and we are working to remedy the situation.

2. The same home with the stones has an in-ground irrigation system that is activated multiple times throughout the day. This water is only going to cause weeds to grow through the stone which the mowers will not be able to cut due to the stone. The water is also causing water to build up in the neighbors drive and Prince Street. This will become a mosquito collection in the summer. If ELS is going to allow the stones to remain - can you at least force them to cut off the irrigation? The water build up is a safety issue that should not be permitted.

2. I will address the irrigation system.

3. The resident on Prince Street that has been parking on the grass is STILL parking on the grass and it is no longer grass but a dirt / mud puddle. The home has 4 cars and this is why one is parking on the grass. There are ELS rules that note Homes are only allowed 3 cars and that parking on the grass is not permitted.

3. Again, this is a situation where it is a work in progress – it’s not being ignored - just takes some time legally.

4. There is a home on Prince Street where furniture, persona belongings and trash are scattered all over the deck and front and back yards.

4. This was an eviction - the items on the deck, we cannot touch and must remain as the house does not belong to us yet, however, Kevin spent many hours over there this week to clean up the items in the yard. If anyone is interested in purchasing the home, there is a Garage Keeper sale of the home at 10 am on June 7th to satisfy what the previous owner owes ELS. If anyone tells you they are interested - please have them come see me in the office to find out the particulars.

5. There is a home on Prince Street that Taunya made note of during our walk through the community last year. The home had a chicken wire fence set up in the back and huge white containers that appear to be used as dog shelters. This was to be corrected last year. No correction has been made. Was any follow up done on the homes that Taunya noted last year?

5. To my knowledge, no, but I will and inspections begin the 2nd week in May and violations will be addressed and letters issued.

6. A resident on Queen street reported that his neighbor on Prince has a dilapidated shed that he claims is about to fall over into his yard. He claims he has presented this to you and no action has been taken.

6. I've spoken with the owners of said shed - they will address it.

7. The same resident stated that he has tried to come see you in the office on a number of occasions and while the sign notes the office is open, the door was locked. He also noted that he looked in the window and saw you at your desk. I understand if you were having lunch, but can you make sure the sign is updated so people know when you are out?

7. The sign is always updated when I am there or not - in this instance it said what time I would be back and yes - in this instance I was trying to eat lunch. However understand - sometimes the office will be closed because I am trying to get work done where I cannot have interruptions - like filing in court on line - that takes up to 1/2 a day depending on the amount of none payers I have.

8. I called you last month and left a message on the answering machine and NEVER received a returned call. A number of residents also stated that they were having issues contacting and communicating with you.

8. I apologize, but don't remember having a message - at the time Perry was answering phone calls as I was out sick several days for couple weeks in the past month. I am in the process of hiring a seasonal temp - that should make it easier for office contact.

9. There is a home on Knight Street where they have had an RV in the drive since November. Again, this is a violation of ELS rules and we are wondering why this vehicle has been permitted on the property for such a lengthy period of time.

9. I will speak with the homeowner.

10. A number of residents talked about speeding cars. ELS rules state that there is a posted speed limit. What should the speed limit be when there are no speed limit signs? The signs were removed by ELS some time ago. This is a safety issue and they need to be replaced.

10. The speed limit throughout the park is 15 mph - we have some money budgeted for stop signs - which we replaced in 2016 - I will see if I can purchase some speed limit signs with those funds. I don't know how you can speed through here with all the speed bumps but I guess some people just don't care about their cars.

11. A resident on Palace lane (just about across the street from the office) has an ATV in the front yard. A. This is an eye sore; B. Are these units permitted in our community?

11. ATV is removed -

12. A child was riding a mini moped around the community last week and she ran several stop signs and several residents stated that they had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting her.

12. Unless someone knows who it is, or I see her on the moped, not much I can do.

13. Residents were asking about the status of the tidewater project. Many residents reported that their lawns are still a mess.

13. Tidewater feels they completed their responsibilities regarding the grass when they sprayed last fall.

14. Our Yard sale is scheduled for May 6. On May 7 we have a dumpster day. ELS provides a dumpster on the far side of the barn and Mark required Perry be present that day. We have a list of non-permitted items that Perry and John Morris would oversee. We have a resident that provided a truck where we collected electronics to be discarded at the dump. Will ELS be able to provide the dumpster?

14. Yes we can provide a dumpster - staff will not be available but a sign will be posted as to what can be put into the dumpster, that's the way we worked it with Aspen Meadows last year and everyone graciously abided the instructions.

15. Do you have a date that the pool will open? Adult residents would love to enjoy the pool before Memorial Day if possible.

15. The pool is scheduled to open May 27, and be open May 28 and 29th. Then June 3, 4 and 10 through September 4th from 10am to 7pm. Pool passes will be available in the office. $1.00 per day for guests.

16. Our Annual Meeting and picnic are scheduled for June 10. The grill should be in the barn. Perry would normally set it up on the deck and make sure the propane tank is full.

16. The grill will be set up and readied by Kevin for that date.

17. We also have our first adult pool party the night of June 10 (7-10). ELS coordinates the lifeguard with the pool company and we make sure the life guard receives a generous tip. There will be other pool parties throughout the summer and I will get with you on those dates later.

17. I will advise the pool company of the pool party date so they are aware to have a lifeguard on duty.

I have been working diligently with all the issues - it takes time, mostly because of the legality. Things didn't get this way in a month or a year so it's going to take time but I am proud of the progress I have made in the few months I have been here and appreciate the residents who have been thanking me for it. 

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Camelot HOA Board Elections

Our HOA Board is in need of volunteers to serve on our Board.  Please consider volunteering.  If you are interested, contact us at camelotmeadowshoa@gmail.com

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Camelot Community Annual Meeting and Picnic  

The Camelot Community Annual HOA meeting is scheduled for June 10, 2017 in the Rose Garden at 10 am.  

Following the Annual meeting, our picnic will take place at the clubhouse from 1-4 pm.  The pool will be open, come join us for some food and friendship.

The night of June 10, the HOA will host our first Adult Swim social from 7-10 pm.  This event is a BYOB event and for adults only.  

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