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Memorial Day Weekend 

ELS Update

I am sorry to announce to the Community that the Camelot Meadows Pool will not be ready to open this weekend as scheduled.  There were some delays that were weather related, but for the most part, the contractor performing the work dropped the ball.  For the past two days, the HOA has been working with Taunya from ELS on a solution.  She has attempted to get another contractor on site, but they would still be unable to get the pool up and running by this weekend.  The most recent update we have is that the contractor should be on site tomorrow and they will be working to get the problems resolved.  The hope is that the pool will be filled by Sunday and then they will need to get the chemicals balanced before opening.  Please know that the HOA shares your frustration and like you, none of us are happy about this and we do not take it lightly.    As the President of the HOA, I made the decision to delay this announcement until now, because the HOA Board has been working with ELS on some type of accommodation to the residents for this inconvenience as well as the issues from grass cutting. I ask that you allow us the ability to work with ELS to come up with something that will benefit all of the residents of Camelot Meadows.  One thing we are working on is for the pool to be open 7 days a week beginning next week.  While this is not convenient for us, please know that the pool at Aspen Meadows is available for any resident to use this weekend.  Taunya will be meeting with the pool contractor on Friday, May 27.  After that meeting, we will have a better answer as to when the pool will open and whether it will be open 7 days a week or just weekends (until school lets out). 
In other news:
Members of the HOA board walked the Community today and talked to Taunya about a number of issues we see throughout the Community.  A number of lots were noted as having major rule violations.  All residents are reminded that we were given a set of rules when we purchased our homes in Camelot Meadows.  It is our responsibility to review and follow the rules.  It is each owner’s responsibility to trim (weed wack) around the area of our homes.  It is also our responsibility to manicure trees, shrubs and other landscape around our homes.  Please help and take pride in our Community.  Taunya also observed drainage issues on a number of streets as well as streets where major road repair is needed.  Taunya will be meeting with Tidewater on Friday, May 27th and review their plan for project completion and clean up.  We pointed out a number of concerns to her regarding project clean up.  There are a few homes where sink holes have already started.  Taunya assured us that she will make sure that Tidewater makes all necessary repairs to the Community. 
 Finally, Taunya has stated that she is available to listen to the comments and concerns of each and every resident.  The HOA has asked for better communications from ELS and Taunya advised us that quarterly newsletters will be sent to us moving forward.  Currently, the ELS office phone for our Community is automatically being forwarded to her office in Bear Delaware.  Please know that for every call or visit she receives while on site, gives her less time to work on the issues at hand here in Camelot or finding a new Manager for our Community.  Because members of the HOA have meet with her and we have been talking to individuals in her office for the past few weeks, Taunya has asked that residents please work through our HOA on concerns.  This will help in consolidating our efforts.  Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Board.  You can also email us at camelotmeadowshoa@gmail.com.  We thank you for your support. 


Community Yard Sale and Dumpster Day Postponed

Due to a rain storm predicted to hit the East Coast this weekend, we have decided to postpone the Yard Sale until June 4th and the  Dumpster Day until June 5th.  We apologize for  any inconvenience this may cause.  We are crossing our fingers that the weather will soon clear up for our Community.

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Questioning Whether your HOA membership is up to date?  We have added a document to our Forms and Documents page which lists each lot and the status of the membership of that lot.  CLICK HERE to check your membership.   

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Tidewater Headlines

Important Information for Residents

Residents of Camelot Meadows: 

The Camelot Meadows HOA has confirmed that as of Thursday, April 28th, Mark Cieniewicz is no longer the Manager at the Camelot Meadows and Aspen Meadows communities.  

The HOA is working with ELS Management and we will post updates here and on facebook as they are available. 

If you want your voice to be heard concerning any issue you may have in our community, it is imperative that you complete a complaint form and forward it to us ASAP.  

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