Camelot Meadows
Homeowners Association
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Are you selling your house? If so, please send ELS a written
letter (not email) 30 days before you finalize your sale,
stating that you are selling your home to a new owner who
will take over the remainder of your lease and will pay your
current lot rent of _____ (insert amount).  If you don't do this,
ELS can and will raise your lot rent when ownership is
transferred, according to Chapter 70.

**Please call or email
Betty Jean Buckno
ideas you would like
to see happen in
Camelot. Let's all get
involved and become
an active part of our
community. Contact
Betty Jean Buckno @
610-360-6143 or

Please refrain from
using our Yahoo
Groups for
information. Visit the
web site for
information and for
any issues contact
Betty Jean Buckno @
610-360-6143 or


Please check back to see any 'upcoming
events' and 'information' changes on our
              Thank you!
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Camelot has recently been visited
by opportunistic crime.

Someone is looking for unlocked cars,
& stealing anything of value.

Help us discourage crime in our community – please lock your car!
Thanks. --Camelot HOA Board
New Community Safety Initiatives Work to
Discourage Crime. For Information,
Click Here

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